Mission AND Objective

The mission and objectives for which the TRUST is established.

A. To collect ZAKAT from the Muslims who are sahib-e-Nisab for distributing as per Quranic instructions through CIFAT.

B. To distribute the entire amount of ZAKAT so collected to the eligible people strictly as described in the Holy Quran.

C. To collect and accept Donations, Gifts, Grants, contributions, subscriptions form individuals and private & Govt. Institutions or agencies (Indian / Foreign) according to the prevailing Law of the land.

D. To accept SADKA, OSOR & HALAL DAN form people belonging to Muslim Community.


Funds will be utilized for the accompanishments of the following AIMS & OBJECTIVES.

a) To promote the educational, social and religious / cultural upliftment and general Welfare of the people in general belonging to ISLAM in particular.

b) To establish educational Institutions, Hostels orphanage Home for boys and girls separately.

c) To establish and maintain Adult Education Centers in the area / areas where needed.

d) To take over, establish, acquire, start, set up, run, manage, administer Nursery, primary and High Schools with the syllabus farmed and principled by the Board of trustees or committee with experts appointed by the board of trustees with the advice of inclusion of Islamic philosophy thereto and Madrasah, technical schools, Agricultural Training Centers, farms, fishery, poultry training Centers. Fruit, processing Training Centers, weaving, tailoring, carpeting etc. for the economic and social upliftment of the backward people in general and Muslims in particular, Library, reading room, Coaching Centers, study centers, Vocational Training Centers, Nursing Midwifery Training Centers for the promotion of education and vocational skills among the Muslims in particular and backward class of citizens in general.

e) To work for maintaining peace, harmony and Human rights through literatures articles, handout, booklets etc.

f) To conduct and organize Seminars, Symposiums, Get-togethers for creating and developing communal Harmony, Peace and to eradicate and abolish communal hearted and ill feeling among the people of India.

g) To organize and establish Research Centers, Fiqha Academy, Darul Ifta, Darul Qaza and such other Institutions with the Islamic Scholars and Experts for the promotion of moral values in the day to day life and to organize cultural programme based on moral values and social reforms.

h) To promote Islamic knowledge and culture publishing of basic Islamic books and Journals.

i) To establish employment, vocational and career bureau and to run audio-visual units for propagation of moral values, patriotism and Human rights.

j) To associate, co-operate and collaborate with and help other NGOs Associatons & societies having similar aims and object and to affiliate other organization in the country having objects and aims similar or keen to the objects of the Trust. The Board shall be having authority to supervise and inspect its affiliated organizations & the Board may also withdraw affiliation at any time if it deem fit.

k) To organize relief camps, relief work in the event of Natural Calamities, Communal riots and social (maladies) spread out in any part of the country.

l) To take special care for the female literacy by providing environmental and financial support and also to approve literacy related projects for the girls located in backward rural areas.

m) To grant relief and assistance to the needy, victims , handicap and disable persons and to give donations to the welfare centers and the country including Prime Minister's Special Relief Fund.

n) To develop construct, repair and manage religious places, prayer halls, wakf properties, orphanage, musafirkhana, and burial grounds for the benefit of the people in any parts of the country.

o) To organize programmes for creating health and environmental awareness at the regional level including campaign against ill-habits, pollution, malnutrition, alcoholism, smoking, nudity, drug addiction, polio and AIDS.

p) To establish and manage clinics, charitable dispensaries, maternity centers, health centers, mobile Medical units and to organize blood donation camp, eye operation camp, health check up programmes in the areas where these facilities are not within the reach of the poor.

q) To provide ambulance services for the neediest and deserving patients of the backward areas and to provide medicine free of cost to the suffering persons living below the poverty lien.

r) To proved and maintain hygienic sanitation arrangements and bore well for pure drinking water to the most backward water to the most backward areas particularly at the place of worship, school, madrasah and community gatherings.

s) (i) To pay out of the funds of the Trust all costs, charges, taxes expenses incidental to the establishment management, maintenance, projects registration and advertisements of this Trust subject to the resolutions, powers provisions and declarations approved by the Board.

   (ii) To pay out of the funds of the trust remunerations and repayment of borrowing if there be any.

   iii) Fund being raised, will be utilized to help poor people belonging to Muslim Community only in the need of :-

     a) Purchase of books for effecting spread of education among them.

     b) To assist the patients (form Muslim Community) for treatment and

     c) To provide assistance to the Muslim Community as the Board of Trustee decide honoring the instruction of the Almighty -ALLAH as laid down in Holy Quran as well as Hadith of Prophet (PBUH)